Webinar Report: Innovative conservation funding strategies in Puget Sound

Tracy Stanton
September 15, 2020

Across Puget Sound, many organizations are looking for new ways to fund conservation and restoration activities. How can existing funding mechanisms be adapted or expanded to generate more funding and where are the new sources of funding for conservation and restoration that feed both pace and scale of restoration needs.

On July 23, 2020, the Emerald Alliance, the US Forest Service R6 and the WA Department of Natural Resources Forest Health and Resiliency Division, hosted a webinar to learn more about the innovative funding mechanisms being considered to address forest health, sustainable recreation and the conservation and restoration of Puget Sound.

The purpose of this convening was to bring together many of the groups interested/engaged in pursuing innovative conservation finance strategies in Puget Sound to: 

  • Share updates, progress and new plans for innovative funding strategies across Puget Sound;
  • Network with organizations interested in developing and testing innovative funding tools;
  • Consider how to better align the various interests, approaches and opportunities going forward such to attract prospective corporate and federal infrastructure dollars.

This webinar included three presentations to introduce concepts and spark ideas and discussions among participants. Presentations included: 

  • Blue Forest Conservation – Scoping Opportunities for the Forest Resilience Bond in the PNW;
  • Quantified Ventures – Developing Sustainable Recreation Infrastructure Funding on the Mountain Loop Highway and Salmon recovery on the Oregon Coast;
  • Salish Sea Nearshore Marketplace – Offsetting the impact of overwater development in the nearshore across Puget Sound (presented by the Puget Sound Partnership working in partnership with NOAA).

Here is the link to a recording of the webinar:

Password: ntRW2%x5 

Here is the link to the Dropbox where you will find the three presentations.

More webinars featuring innovative funding approaches are forthcoming.