Hikers and Climbers Stewardship Saturday

Tracy Stanton
June 13, 2019

Date:June, 15th 2019 8:30am-2:00pm

Location:Little Si


Join the Greenway Trust and our partners for another rock-climbing and mountain loving stewardship event on Little Si.
Little Si is a well-loved recreation spot for an afternoon hike, or that post-work climb. Sport climbers have been heading to Little Si for years, so much so that danger from eroding trails and belay areas ignited high concern from the Department of Natural Resources, who manages this Natural Resource Conservation Area. Acknowledging the concern, and the ecological importance of plant communities in this area, the Washington Climbers Coalition and Access Fund, with support from REI, built a trail and belay terracing system that allowed for climbing to continue in the Mount Si NRCA. Combined efforts, collaboration with land managers, and dedication from the climbing community has allowed this area to be used to this day.

Little Si has seen increased use in recent years, and the trail system that was once upgraded to a low-impact standard is in need of another collaborative improvement. This summer, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, Washington Climbers Coalition, and Access Fund and DNR will be combining forces once again to improve the Little Si trail system for climbers and hikers alike, to ensure a long term balance between humans and our ecological communities in this beautiful area.

Please register for this event, and sign the e-waiver (link in agenda e-mail) prior to arriving on Saturday. Thank you!